Is Ethanol the Answer?

by Lisa Stauber August 27th, 2015

Ethanol has been touted as an alternative, renewable energy source. It is created from plant matter, and there is no drilling required. If the United States could convert from imported oil to an ethanol-based biofuel, energy independence would be assured. Or would it?

Ethanol in America is derived from

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Organic Eating Without Busting the Budget

by Lisa Stauber August 20th, 2015
Organic foods are hot and trendy. They are the cream of the crop, pampered and babied from the grower to the table. Studies have indicated that organic produce is more nutritious, and this niche market has exploded as consumers try to avoid commercial pesticides and other chemical contaminants in their food.

There is a down side, however. Organic food is pricey. It costs more to grow food without chemicals, and farmers pass the increased cost on to their customers. What’s a
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by Michele August 13th, 2015
If you want to do one simple thing to help the planet, you could choose to recycle. With busy lives, people will claim they don't have time. However, with these few simple hints, you should find that recycling takes little to no time.

  • Purchase a bin for each item that you want to recycle.

  • Place the bins in a convenient place, such as in your garage or in the basement.

  • If you have multiple items, you can create a recycle pile
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  • Solar Lights

    by Valerie Mae Diola August 6th, 2015

    I have a latest shopping addiction. No, it’s not shopping for clothes and bags but solar lights! I can’t get enough of solar-powered things, especially solar lights.

    Don’t you know that there are many wonderful benefits you can get from solar lights? They save you money and energy, and they

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  • Grow a Veggie Garden

    by Valerie Mae Diola July 30th, 2015

    Every time I see a pumpkin, I remember not Halloween but my grandmother. She used to grow her own veggie garden with lots of pumpkins in her backyard. She used to make pumpkin soup. Now that I’m living far from her, I wonder if I can grow my own veggie garden, too. Here’s what my granny told me:

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  • Family Planning and Fish Pollution

    by Lisa Stauber July 23rd, 2015

    Caring about the environment means caring about our local waterways. Polluted waterways damage ecosystems, harm animals, and are an early sign of impending ecological disaster.

    Unfortunately, many people don’t think about how the choices they make in everyday life affect our water

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