by Michele December 5th, 2014 Easy Ideas, Recycle
If you want to do one simple thing to help the planet, you could choose to recycle. With busy lives, people will claim they don't have time. However, with these few simple hints, you should find that recycling takes little to no time.

  • Purchase a bin for each item that you want to recycle.

  • Place the bins in a convenient place, such as in your garage or in the basement.

  • If you have multiple items, you can create a recycle pile that gets taken to the bin daily.

  • If you have trash services, see if they will collect your recycling.

  • If you have to bring the recyclable items to a collection center, make
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Bout Green

CFL Lighting, Pros and Cons

by Lisa Stauber December 4th, 2014 Easy Ideas, Household Hints, Recycle, Reduce

Compact Fluorescent Lamps, or CFLs, are a technological marvel of efficiency. They deliver the same amount of light as regular bulbs but use one-fourth of the energy. Several states are considering outlawing the sale of conventional lightbulbs to encourage consumers to use CFLs exclusively.

The new bulbs easily replace standard incandescent bulbs in most fixtures. They produce less heat, lower electricity bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What’s not to love?

Well, for starters, the bulbs cost more than incandescent

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Family Planning and Fish Pollution

by Lisa Stauber December 3rd, 2014 Pollution, Reduce

Caring about the environment means caring about our local waterways. Polluted waterways damage ecosystems, harm animals, and are an early sign of impending ecological disaster.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think about how the choices they make in everyday life affect our water quality. Many products used by Americans every day are damaging sensitive fish.

Artificial contraceptives, such as the pill, are a major cause of chemical pollution. A growing concern among scientists is the fact that so many synthetic human hormones

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3 Rs for Christmas

by Valerie Mae Diola December 2nd, 2014 Easy Ideas

In my country, the Philippines, you can feel the Christmas season as early as September. Some people start to decorate their homes with Christmas trees and lights; radio stations start to play Christmas songs; and shopping malls start to display Christmas items at affordable prices.

Some people like to hoard Christmas items as early as September or October to spare themselves from crowded malls during December when most people do their last-minute shopping. This is also the time that prices for Christmas decorations are still affordable.

I’ve known a few people who buy new Christmas decorations

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