Grow a Veggie Garden

by Valerie Mae Diola April 28th, 2016

Every time I see a pumpkin, I remember not Halloween but my grandmother. She used to grow her own veggie garden with lots of pumpkins in her backyard. She used to make pumpkin soup. Now that I’m living far from her, I wonder if I can grow my own

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Top Green Tips to Start the Year

by Jaclyn Abergas April 21st, 2016
Let's start the year the green way. Here are some green tips for different parts of your life.

Spring Cleaning

Remove all the clutter. Go through drawers, cabinets, inside the closets, the garage, attic and everywhere you can think of. Start going through all your things one by one. It will take some time to get through all this, so be sure to set aside time for this activity. Or better yet, get the help of a family member or a
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Family Planning and Fish Pollution

by Lisa Stauber April 14th, 2016

Caring about the environment means caring about our local waterways. Polluted waterways damage ecosystems, harm animals, and are an early sign of impending ecological disaster.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think about how the choices they make in everyday life affect our water quality. Many products used by Americans every day are damaging sensitive fish.

Artificial contraceptives, such as the pill, are

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  • CFL Lighting, Pros and Cons

    by Lisa Stauber April 7th, 2016

    Compact Fluorescent Lamps, or CFLs, are a technological marvel of efficiency. They deliver the same amount of light as regular bulbs but use one-fourth of the energy. Several states are considering outlawing the sale of conventional lightbulbs to encourage consumers to use CFLs

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  • Preserve

    by Louise March 31st, 2016
    In a previously posted article, The Green Guide, Preserve Food Storage was briefly mentioned as the greenest storage product available. The Preserve team is a dedicated group of people who have done more than make 100%  recycled storage products, they have developed ways to recycle #5 plastics, an essential step toward a greener America, which very
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  • Greenest States

    by Jaclyn Abergas March 23rd, 2016
    Are you looking to move somewhere that's more eco-friendly? Are you curious to find out which state is as green as it gets? Here is a list of the greenest states in the US and what makes them part of this list.


    Washington tops this list. Their high standing is due to the high number of LEED buildings in the
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