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Archives for August 2008

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Clean Clothes With Less Water

by Lisa Stauber August 26th, 2008 Easy Ideas, Household Hints, Reduce

We’ve heard the standard advice of using low flow toilets, not watering during the heat of the day, and using a bucket to wash the car. Here are some easy ways to reduce your water consumption in the laundry room.

Get new appliances. An average top-loading washer uses 40 gallons for a full load; a super capacity machine can use up to 57 gallons. Front loading washers use about half as much water and are the easiest way to reduce your household

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Organic Eating Without Busting the Budget

by Lisa Stauber August 19th, 2008 For the Kitchen

Organic foods are hot and trendy. They are the cream of the crop, pampered and babied from the grower to the table. Studies have indicated that organic produce is more nutritious, and this niche market has exploded as consumers try to avoid commercial pesticides and other chemical contaminants in their food.

There is a down side, however. Organic food is pricey. It costs more to grow food without chemicals, and farmers pass the increased cost on to their customers. What’s a health conscious greenie on a budget to do?

You don’t have to buy everything organic

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Family Planning and Fish Pollution

by Lisa Stauber August 12th, 2008 Pollution, Reduce

Caring about the environment means caring about our local waterways. Polluted waterways damage ecosystems, harm animals, and are an early sign of impending ecological disaster.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think about how the choices they make in everyday life affect our water quality. Many products used by Americans every day are damaging sensitive fish.

Artificial contraceptives, such as the pill, are a major cause of chemical pollution. A growing concern among scientists is the fact that so many synthetic human hormones

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